Nordic Style

Welcome to Nordic Style, the New Zealand Agency for Klippan, Sweden.

Nordic Style has been in operation since 2008 and is run by Rachel, Palle, Tania and Guy. Palle has the long relationship with Klippan as their supplier of New Zealand wool. With New Zealand’s top quality wool, Klippan produces luxurious throws and they are now available to you through a number of selected retailers.


Klippan Logo

Klippan was founded in 1879 and is run today by fourth and fifth generation descendents. Based in the village of Klippan on the southern tip of Sweden, Klippan manufactures their blankets and throws in their own factories. They only use natural materials and try to use eco-material as much as possible. For a video tour of one the Klippan factories please click here.

Contact details

:telephone_receiver: Rachel 03 329 0065 or 027 480 5985